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What do you get in winning Vorgermilten? – Vorgermilten SEO Contest Official Prizes
Thursday, June 1st, 2006

Prove you have what it takes to be the top SEO professional in the world and by winning the SEO contest, with the top grand prize, you get $10,000 for ranking number 1 in Google, and $2,000 for ranking number 1 in Yahoo. Aside from the $10,000 prize for ranking number 1 in Google for […]

How to join the Vorgermilten SEO Contest – The Official Vorgermilten Rules
Thursday, June 1st, 2006

You must place the following code, somewhere on the page you are optimizing, and NOT alter it in any way, shape or form. Your keyword is : vorgermilten Copy this code: DO NOT spam the search engines! No doorway pages or dynamically generated pages meant to fool the search engines. Can be a top level […]

Vorgermilten SEO Contest Has Started!
Thursday, June 1st, 2006

Why the Vorgermilten SEO Contest? With many SEO Contest going on, you start to think, which is the best contest to join? That is a simple question. Just join the highest paying SEO Contest, and that is the Vorgermilten SEO Contest. Show off your talent as an SEO if you are really good. If you […]